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707 East Minnehaha Ave.
near Minnehaha and Payne Avenues
Saint Paul, Minnesota USA

The Historic Hamm Brewery 
Neighborhood Initiative 
A Brief Sketch 
   When the Stroh Brewery closed its Saint Paul plant, it signaled the beginning of the Historic Hamm Brewery Neighborhood Initiative. Now community members are working with the owner of the Brewery complex to develop the best use of this historic 30 acre complex. It is in the center of one of Saint Paul's most historic neighborhoods, five  minutes from downtown. The brewery is at the head of Swede Hollow Park, nestled between Dayton's Bluff and Railroad Island, along the Phalen Creek Recreational Trail, and numerous ecological amenities, at the end of Old Town Payne Avenue, the commercial heart of East Side Saint Paul. 
   The Historic Hamm Brewery Neighborhood Initiative is an informal collaborative of interested parties that have come together because we believe that the complex offers unique opportunities for business and technology development, education, arts and entertainment. The older buildings with their high ceilings, natural lighting, and neighborhood surroundings make the brewery an ideal location to be renovated into studios, performance spaces, galleries, class rooms, and other art and educational space. 
   Housing, offices and other functions may find the brewery to be an ideal location. The Historic Hamm Brewery Neighborhood Initiative seeks to find partners that are interested in pursuing the renovation of part of the brewery complex into a multi-use arts based community center in Saint Paul.
Light Industrial opportunities
The brewery has a number unique buildings that could give a business an air of old time elegance and be part of a exciting new business community.
The Historic Hamm Brewery Neighborhood 
At a Glance
 •   The brewery is owned and being renovated by Everest LLC. 
•   Spanning 33 acres, the brewery contains over 54 buildings. 
•   Floor space equal to approximately 1.3 million square feet. 
•   The oldest brewery building dates back to the 1860s. 
•  A number of buildings contain large open space rooms with ceilings that are 7-8 stories high amenable to unique configurations. 
•  A number of buildings ideal for light industrial use from 10,000 to 100,000 sq. ft.. 
•  The brewery is 5 minutes from Downtown Saint Paul.
    •   Easy access to 1-35E and 1-94 and near the proposed Phalen Corridor Industrial Boulevard. 
    •   Located on the Phalen Creek Recreational Trail.
    •   Adjacent to historic Swede Hollow Park, a beautiful nature experience.

Contributing area organizations:
Dayton's Bluff District 4 Community Council 
District 5 Community Council 
East Side Arts Council East Side 
Neighborhood Development Company 
Everest LLC 
Friends of Swede Hollow 
Upper Swede Hollow Neighborhoods Association 
   If you are interested in finding out more about the Historic Hamm Brewery Neighborhood Initiative contact: Karin DuPaul, 668 Greenbrier Street, Saint Paul MN 55106, Phone:  651.776.0550.