Hamm Woodland Garden Planting - June 8, 2002

By Angela DuPaul
   Friends of Swede Hollow has embarked upon an exciting new project that both restores native plant species to the park and pays homage to a lost neighborhood landmark.
   The Hamm Woodland Garden, located in the upper part of Swede Hollow Park, features native wildflowers like Jack in the Pulpit, as well as several species of ferns. Friends of Swede Hollow, Greening Dayton’s Bluff, and the Saint Paul Garden Club did preparation and planting on June 8th.
   The placement of plants and paths is meant to replicate the floor plan of the Hamm Mansion, which once stood on that very site. The elaborate brick Queen Anne mansion was located at 671 Greenbrier, formerly Cable Avenue. The Hamm family lived in the home from 1886 to 1933. Later it was used as a rest home operated by Mrs. Claire E. Robbins until the mid 1950s when it was destroyed by fire.

The planters take a break from planting the Hamm Woodland Garden on June 8th to have
their photo taken.  The people who helped with the preparation and
planting on June 8th
included: Brian Ashman, Buzz Wilson, Jonathon Bucki,
Ardan Bucki, Jennifer Bishop,
Karolyn Stevenson, Valoree Stevenson, Bette
Johnson, Pam Attia, Diane Duvall, Betty
Tiffery, Faye Duvall, Shari Tayler
Wilsey, Cliff Carey, Bruce Johnson, Jim Peterson,
Murph Dawkins, Mike
Grealish, Karin DuPaul and Chris Geurts.

 Jessica Love (left), Service Manager for the Wells Fargo Bank Prosperity Office at 1379 
Phalen Blvd. with Karin DuPaul,  Greening Dayton's Bluff Coordinator at the Hamm 
Woodland Garden planting in Swede Hollow Park on June 8th. Wells Fargo Bank sponsors 
the Greening Dayton's Bluff Program.  Thank you Wells Fargo.