Swede Hollow Cleanups
Last update: October 20, 2010

Weeds don't stand a chance in
Swede Hollow Park

June 3, 2009
Photo by Karin DuPaul
L to r: Andy Twedt, her dog Jack, Amy Middleton, Bette Johnson, Linda Arnesen, Mike Grealish, and Brett Evans standing by some of the bags of highly invasive Garlic Mustard they removed from Swede Hollow Park on June 3rd.
By Karin DuPaul
  The first Wednesday in June was a beautiful evening in Swede Hollow. Instead of the monthly Friends of Swede Hollow (FOSH) meeting members spent the evening removing Garlic Mustard plants from Swede Hollow Park. The Garlic Mustard is very invasive and has made its way into many parks like Swede Hollow. By the time the evening was over 10 large trash bags were full of Garlic Mustard.
   The evening featured people walking and bicycling and the sounds of birds singing their evening songs throughout the Hollow. At the same time of the Garlic Mustard removal the sound of hundreds of motorcycles whose riders were attending the monthly 1st Wednesday Bike Night at Yarusso Brothers Restaurant could be heard in the Hollow. It was good to hear that some things are back to normal, because in February the restaurant was damaged by fire. But when the repairs are completed in a few months they plan to reopen their business.  The Yarusso family is part of Swede Hollow history.  Years ago the Yarusso family was one of the families living in the Hollow. In the 1930’s the Yarusso Italian Restaurant opened on Payne Avenue and it remains a rich part of local history.
   FOSH members and others in the community continue to help improve Swede Hollow by removing invasive plants, planting native plants, and share its history, to name a few things. For more information about FOSH email SwedeHollow@gmail.com or call 651-776-0550. Check out our new web site at www.SwedeHollow.org.

May 2008

August 2008

Above: Friends of Swede Hollow and other neighborhood residents removing buckthorn and other weeds from Swede Hollow Park.
Below: Chelsea DeArmond, Chelsea Starr, and the pile of weeds, vines, and buckthorn removed from Swede Hollow Park at a Tuesday Weeding Evening in August 2008. Three Tuesday Weeding Evenings helped rid Swede Hollow and Hamm Parks of piles of weeds.
Photos by Karin DuPaul

October 2008 - Invasive Plant Removal

Photos by Karin DuPaul
Volunteers meet and drink Swede Hollow Cafe coffee before heading into Swede Hollow to clean up and remove invasive trees and plants.
By Karin DuPaul
   Sixty volunteers, some Pepsi employees, Friends of Swede Hollow (FOSH) members, YMCA, Green House and many other volunteers removed large amounts of invasive plants from Swede Hollow Park. The day started with coffee from the Swede Hollow Cafe, Pepsi and pastries at Payne Avenue and Kenny Road.  Then everyone got busy in the park until the work was done. 
   Many youth assisted neighborhood residents, park enthusiasts, and ecologically minded volunteers in removing invasive tree species from Swede Hollow.  Clearing of invasive species will allow more beneficial species to flourish.  The city parks department had already cut the many trees into haulable pieces.  Volunteers formed human chains to pass logs and branches across the creek.  Others climbed the steep slopes to retrieve tree pieces.  Several massive piles were made beside the path for later collection. 
   After helping make  Swede Hollow’s woodlands healthier, volunteers were treated to pizza from Carbone’s, pasta salad and Italian bread from Yarusso Brothers, and lots of Pepsi products to drink.
  Mike Grealish, FOSH member and Pepsi employee, did an excellent job of planning this event. A special thank you to Bryce White, Mike Grealish, and the Pepsi Company for all of their efforts. Thank you to Saint Paul Parks Department, Carbone’s, Yarusso Brothers and all of the volunteers that made this a great success.
October 7, 2006

Every October Comcast sponsors a Comcast Cares Day where Comcast employees and their families volunteer and help communities by working on projects in neighborhoods.  On the morning of October 7, seventy-five Comcast employees helped neighborhood residents clean up trash and remove invasive plants from Swede Hollow Park.

Swede Hollow Spring Cleaning
April 10, 2010

April 11, 2009


Photos by Angela DuPaul

April 14, 2007

A Girl Scout troop led by Kim Unber helped with the park clean up in Swede Hollow Park.

Gary Bobb received the Parks Volunteer of the Year Award from City Council President Kathy Lantry, for all of the work he has done in Swede Hollow Park and the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary

April 12, 2003
Photo by Karin DuPaul
Daryl Johnson, Diane Brady, site volunteer for Swede Hollow Park, and Daryl's son, Drew were among the many people who turned out on April 12th to clean up Swede Hollow Park.  Diane is also the Executive Director of the Volunteer Resource Center. 
Photo by Karin DuPaul
Many young people helped with the annual cleanup at Swede Hollow Park on April 12th.