Miscellaneous Photos from Swede Hollow
Last update: December 14, 2010

Photos by Hank M. Weir - 2010
Hank M. Weir is a former St. Paul resident who now lives in Denver.  He was president of the St. Paul Camera Club for many years.  The club met a First Lutheran Church located above Swede Hollow.  He is a cousin of Friends of Swede Hollow member Andy Twedt.

Above Photos by Hank M. Weir

Week of Hope volunteers help weed gardens in Swede Hollow Park on July 5, 2010

Saint Paul Garden Club visits Swede Hollow in 2010

Man in Tree - Spring 2010

Saint Paul Garden Club members visit Swede Hollow in 2009

Johnson High School Class Reunion

Saint Paul Winter Carnival Treasure Hunters in January 2009