Various Events in Swede Hollow

Sons of Norway
On September 18, 2010 Karin DuPaul took members of the Sons of Norway on a tour of Swede Hollow

Photo by Karin DuPaul

Birthday Party

Murph Dawkins celebrated her 50th birthday in Septmber 2002
by inviting the whole community for free food, music and hayrides
in Swede Hollow Park.

                                                        Photos by Karin DuPaul
Top:  Riders and walkers alike joined in the fun. 
Above: Murph sings at the celebration accompanied
by Joe Sanchelli on the accordian.  Joe is a former
resident of Swede Hollow.

Wedding in Swede Hollow Park

New Plants for Swede Hollow Park

Embrace Open Space

Photos by Karin DuPaul
Joe Sanchelli (right), a former resident of Swede Hollow,  prepares to launch a Monarch butterfly as part of the "Embrace Open Space" event held on September 28, 2002.

Mike Sanchelli Memorial Tree Planting

The Hamm's Bear

The Hamm’s Bear, shown here with Dayton’s Bluff Community Organizer Karin DuPaul,  recently paid a visit to the old Hamm’s Brewery during a Hamm's Sky Blue Water Collector's Club Flea Market in September 2003.  The Hamm’s Bear has been  in the middle of a controversy since the Collector’s Club proposed placing a monument to him in Como Park or some other city park.

Photo by Karin DuPaul
  A famous native of Dayton’s Bluff was recently spotted back in his hometown.  The Hamm’s Bear, who had retired out of state a number of years ago, just couldn’t stay away from his beloved neighborhood.  He moved back in the summer of 2008 and now resides on Greenbrier Street, not far from his birthplace. 
   When a towering elm tree in the front yard of the former William Hamm house contracted Dutch elm disease, it seemed like a tragedy.  The tree had been planted around 1900.  Its stately presence, abundant shade, and nesting place for generations of birds and squirrels would be lost forever.  Wanting to bring some good out of this unfortunate situation, the DuPaul family arranged for the dead stump to become art.  Karin and Richard DuPaul have been involved in preserving local history, especially Hamm’s history, for many years.  Richard’s nephew Tommy, who runs Visions Tree Service, took down the tree’s massive crown, leaving enough stump for carving.  Tommy then recommended artist Curtis Ingvoldstad to transform dead wood into sculpture.  Lo and behold, inside that old tree was the Hamm’s Bear, just waiting to be revealed!

Rathskeller in the Sky

Photo by Karin DuPaul
At the Old Hamm’s Brewery in October 2004, the Rathskeller in the Sky building is coming down because the tanks inside were sold. The building, Stock House #4, was built in 1948 around the storage tanks inside. The Rathskeller was built on the top of Stock House #4 in 1965 with a lobby/gift shop on the first floor and a glass elevator that took visitors to the Rathskeller. Many community meetings and other events were held in the Rathskeller and, of course, the brewery tours ended in the Rathskeller.