Swede Hollow book is in the works and you can help

   Friends of Swede Hollow is sponsoring a picture/caption book on Swede Hollow for Arcadia Publishing’s “Images of America” series.  Angela and Karin DuPaul are in the process of collecting Swede Hollow history, stories and photos.
   Swede Hollow is a picturesque valley with a creek running through it. Phalen Creek was used for travel from the Mississippi River to the chain of lakes in the north by the American Indians. Later the hollow spent over 100 years as home to immigrants, many from Sweden, Italy, Mexico, and Germany. Today Swede Hollow is a city park. 
   A little background about the project: Ted from Arcadia Publishing called Karin to ask if she or someone else would like to write a photo caption book on Swede Hollow.  She was thrilled to accept. She then called her partner in Swede Hollow research, her daughter Angela, to see if she would work on this. Without hesitation Angela said she would love to assist. 
   Over the years the DuPauls have been very active in everything Swede Hollow.  They have been involved in Friends of Swede Hollow, researched Swede Hollow history, led tours, and wrote “A Swede Hollow Walking Tour” booklet.  Arcadia has around 5,000 books on local history in their Images of America series.  It will be wonderful to have Swede Hollow included in the series.
   The search is on to talk with people who lived in Swede Hollow along Phalen Creek, and to find photos that might be helpful to us in presenting a more complete history of this unique area.  Any relevant photos that you would be willing to share with our project would be a big help toward that goal.  We would also love to talk to anyone who has Swede Hollow connections, Hollow memorabilia, family memories, and photos.
   You may contact the DuPauls by email at SwedeHollow@gmail.com or call 651-776-0550.